Check back soon for more information! Must be 18 or older for this campaign.

Venom and Vengeance is a high fantasy, 18+ LARP set in a world inspired by the United States’ Wild West. There are elves and monsters and magic, but with the progression of technology, basic electricity and railroads are common and firearms are used to great success.

Inspiration for this setting is drawn from spaghetti western movies and media, mixed with traditional Tolkien-esque high fantasy. The four main races are short lived elves called Nethedel, a combination of several old world races called Humanoids, an elemental race called Djain, and the monstrous race of Renlins.

Magic has been effectively dead for the past 200 years. No spellcasters, even practiced ones, were able to complete their rituals or incantations with any success. This let the People focus on growth as they worked together to find ways to improve their lives without magic. However, with the recent discovery of Lunite, a crystal found deep beneath the surface of the earth, the return of magic has arrived. Lunite allows for spells to be cast, though the resource is often consumed in the process. The lure of the Lunite Rush sends adventurers, prospectors and opportunists into the wild west. Tent towns like Lunite Springs crop up near mines and ore deposits.

The west in this world is perhaps more wild than it was in the 1800s of our world. The characters of this world will battle bandits, gangs, and outlaws just like the cowboys of our media do. However, they will also face a world with true monsters and beasts trying to thwart them at every turn. The local saloon never has enough hooch available for the aftermath of a battle with a banshee!

These elements come together to create an entirely new and unique LARP setting that can only be found at Utah LARP. The setting is flexible and the game is story driven. The players and characters will directly influence the state of Lunite Springs and the greater world of Venom and Vengeance.

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