Utah LARP strives to be a safe, supportive, and inclusive space where players are able to explore a wide variety of topics in immersive and visceral settings. Our staff and players follow a strict code of conduct and share the following values:

We are a community driven game

Characters that work the best in our games share the group’s goals and work with other characters. You’ll find it difficult to get involved in the story if you are a loner in the corner, being dark and shady, not talking to anyone. Or, if your character purposefully and repeatedly antagonizes other players, they will likely become unwelcome in camp and be excluded from adventuring with the group. 

Conflict will occur between characters. There will be fights, arguments, and different goals that come about naturally. Characters will have friends and enemies that they are forced to work alongside. But the characters whose sole purpose is to “steal from, stab, and screw over” other characters will not find a place here.

The settings are complex, but flexible

A lot of information on our settings and their races and cultures has been made available, and a lot more has not. What is on the site is here to give players an idea. Once you have a basic character concept, the plot team and other players will be happy to help you fill in the gaps and help you fit your own ideas into the world. 

While you may not be able to play an elf or orc in Rexerit, or an ex-noblewoman in Venom and Vengeance, you can take aspects of those characters and tropes that you like and create something original for the game. 

Respect is key

Respect for the game runners, staff, and fellow players is key to everyone having a good time. Play while keeping the spirit of safety, community, and the game’s rules. Always respect someone’s decision to leave a scene or use any of the safety calls. Never harass someone based on out of game characteristics (gender, sexuality, race, etc.). If you are asked by someone to stop a behavior out of game, do so. 

We have zero tolerance for people who fail to respect others, whether it is by harassment, following someone who has removed themself from a scene, bullying, or otherwise. If you intend to ruin the experience and fun of others, you will be asked to leave. 

Remember: Don’t be a dick. Be excellent to each other. 

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