We are excited to provide an update on the progress of the rules.

Over the past month a small, dedicated group of people ranging from first time LARPers to those with 15 years of experience, have been actively play testing our draft rules set. The rules have gone through numerous tweaks due to the feedback received in these sessions. Our final closed-invite playtest is scheduled to be run this Sunday. 

Our first open to the public rules test will be Saturday, July 30th. You can find more information on the Facebook event here. 

Also, over on our Facebook Page we will be hosting garb and prop giveaways with items that are designed to be able to be useful to nearly every type of character. These will be posted weekly on Wednesday, with the winner announced the following Wednesday. 

We are only a handful of weeks away from our official launch, and we couldn't be more excited to bring this new and exciting style of LARPing to Utah! 

Running in and around the Salt Lake valley, Utah LARP is brought a new approach to how live action role playing games are experienced. We hope you will join us for a game designed with both beginners and veterans in mind. Follow our progress here and on Facebook.

The World

We are excited to be reviving the Rexerit setting for our first full campaign. This high fantasy setting known for its intense political plots, and features a wide range of races and cultures for new players to choose from. There is something here for everyone, from early barbaric tribes to steam powered cities. 


We feature simplified LARP rules, heavily influenced by international games. After years of LARPing, we have found that complicated rules are frequently the biggest hurdle for new players. Here you will find no damage numbers to yell, no complicated math, no timers, and no game pauses for combat effects. This style of play creates a more realistic and immersive experience for participants, and encourages banter and communication during combat, and can be learned in only a few minutes. 

Immersive Setting

We are striving to create a fully immersive setting for players. Armor and creatures will all be properly represented, the same way we require our players to represent their characters. You won't find any sashes with "TROLL" scrawled across the front. With this we are aiming to avoid the need for players to pause game and call out, "what do I see?" and instead react naturally to their environment.

And while we do have minimum costume requirements for our players, they are easily met with $15, a trip to the thrift store, and a pair of scissors. (See our tutorials and Getting Started pages for more information.)


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