Utah LARP Rexerit

Most of our weekend locations, especially those used during warmer months, are primitive campsites. This means there are typically no pre-constructed shelters, kitchens, etc. Usually the only available amenities are picnic tables, fire pits, and outhouses. 


What to bring to an event

Costumes/Clothing - If you are PCing your event, you will want to bring your character's costume and weapons. If you are NPCing an event, you will want to bring dark, neutral colored clothing. (See Getting Started for more information.) This also includes any under-layers and a change of clothing for when the game is over. Layering of costumes and clothing is incredibly important as the game runs year round and is mostly outdoors. Please make certain your clothing and costumes are appropriate for the expected weather.

Tent and Sleeping Gear - For outdoor events you will likely want to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and a pillow. Having some sort of padding for under your sleeping bag is also a good idea. This could be anything such as a foam camping pad, cot, or air mattress. If you do not have a period style tent, it is recommended that you also bring something to obscure your modern tent. Lightweight tapestries, large cotton sheets, or canvas drop cloths are inexpensive and simple solutions for hiding modern looking tents. 

Food, Dinnerware, Drinkware, etc - You will need to provide your own food and drink. As there is no potable water at most of our sites, Utah LARP will have bottled water available for all event attendees. However if you would like any other drinks, such as Gatorade or sodas, you will need to bring your own. If your food is perishable, you should also bring a cooler and ice. If your food needs to be cooked, you will need to provide a way to cook it. Unfortunately due to the dry climate, we often are not permitted to have wood or charcoal fires so it is best to not rely on these as methods for cooking. 

Baby Wipes - Baby wipes have multiple uses during an event! They are fantastic for removing makeup at night. They are also useful for hygiene, as there are no showers at most event locations. 

Chairs - Camp chairs are handy to have for sitting around during downtime or role play, and especially for around the camp fires at night. Period-style chairs are recommended. These are typically made of wood, fabric and/or leather. (Eg: Plank chairs or artist tripod stools) You are welcome to use regular camp chairs as well, but please have a blanket or large cloth to obscure it. 



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