Utah LARP was started in 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT to create a live action fantasy game that would be both simple for newcomers to learn, and also meet the quality standards desired by many of the local veterans. Unlike other local LARP games around the Salt Lake valley, Utah LARP features a simplistic rules set, exciting combat, and focused dedication to producing a quality, immersive, and story-focused game. 

Utah LARP's combat is fast paced, but easy to follow. It fits the happy medium between "lightest touch" games and the heavy hitting battle games. The story and plot have available options for those interested in politics, combat, drama, and everything in between. Our world runners and game masters make certain that our players actions have reactions that are reflected in the game.

We run 8 to 10 weekend (Friday evening - Sunday afternoon) games a year, including during the winter months.

To learn more see Getting Started.


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