Melee Weapons

Duct tape finished weapons are disallowed from use.

Latex, Plastidip, or other more realistic representations are required. The weapons should be sturdy, but not so firm that they are painful when struck against bare skin. (Frequently approved cores are carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass.) When squeezing the blade, the foam should have significant give, but you should not be able to feel the core. 

No weapon may be longer than 78" (6.5 ft) in length.

Some brands that usually pass weapon requirements are Epic Armory, Nemesis, Planatoke, and Windlass. Other brands, such as Calimacil, are rarely accepted and on a case by case basis (many of their older swords tend to use foam that is too firm). 



Spells are typically delivered through spell packets, spell balls, small bean bags, etc. Spell packets should be about 1.5-2" in diameter, with a short fabric tail.

Spell packets can easily be made with 6" fabric squares. Add a couple of tablespoons of bird seed or shredded rubber (rubber is preferred) to the center of the square and then fold up the sides so a small bulb is left at the bottom. Using electrical tape or duct tape, tape off the packet so the 1.5-2" bulb remains at the bottom, and a short fabric tail is left above. 



Shields should either be made out of foam, or have all exposed sides covered in at least 0.5" closed cell or microcell foam. As with weapons, latex and plastidip finishings are encouraged. 

Shields must fall within the following size restrictions:

Coming Soon



Bows should be a minimum of a 20# draw at 28" (though exceptions may be made on a case by case basis), and must not go over the maximum of 30# draw at 28". (This is based on the max acceptable poundage listed by the various manufacturers of the arrows that we allow.) Crossbows must not go over the maximum of a 25# draw at 15". Compound bows, compound crossbows, and hand crossbows are prohibited. Arrows must follow the following rules:

  • Arrow shafts must be carbon or fiberglass. Wood and metal are not permitted. 
  • Nocks and fletching must be in good condition.
  • Arrow tips must either be curved or flat and constructed from open cell or low-pound microcell foam.
  • Arrows must be a minimum of 2" in diameter.
  • Arrows may either be bare foam (such as LarpCraft and B3 arrows), or covered in fabric. Tape is NOT permitted on the striking surface of the arrow. 
  • Every arrow must contain a solid metal or plastic blunt secured at the end of the shaft, roughly the size of a penny.
  • There must be at least 2" of foam in front of the arrow from the blunt to the tip.
  • Immediately after the blunt there must be at least 1/2" of firm closed cell foam.
  • Arrows must be secured firmly to the shaft. (If the head is modular this can be done via locktite, tape, or other appropriate method based on the modular style).
  • If the arrow is longer than 28" it must have a draw stop placed at 28".

If you are building your own arrows, it is recommended to follow arrow guides found for Dagohir, Belegarth, or Amtgard. If you are purchasing your arrows, you can find people who produce arrows for the previously listed games, or look for the following brands which are accepted:

Please note: Round head IDV (and their knock-off brands) are not permitted.



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