Minimum costume requirements must be met by all event attendees. Minimum requirements are the following: 

  • No obvious modern pants. This includes items such as blue jeans or khakis.

  • No obvious modern footwear. This includes items such as brightly colored sneakers. If black or brown modern footwear is used, it is highly encouraged that you use boot covers. (See our Useful Links for some inexpensive suggestions.)

  • No visible modern shirts. This can be anything from dress shirts, to t-shirts, to underarmor. If you do intend to use a modern shirt as part of your costume (such as underarmor, which is useful in both summer and winter events) please have other layers over it so that it is not clearly visible. 

  • All edges to metal or hardened armor must be folded or finished to prevent injury. 

If you are attending as an NPC, costume pieces and weapons will be provided for your use, but you are welcome to bring your own as well! You are encouraged to wear neutral clothing (typically browns and blacks) as they blend well under the costumes.

If you are attending as a PC, you are expected to provide your character's costumes and weaponry, though costumes and weapons are available to rent for events. Rented costumes and weapons must be returned at check-out. 

The local LARP community is always excited and willing to help someone assemble a new outfit, so if you're feeling lost feel free to post in the forums and ask for community input! 

The costume should fit the race or nationality of your character. Style suggestions and requirements are listed under each society's description. Costume requirements are just that, requirements. If you are unwilling or unable to wear the makeup required for a specific race or culture, please choose a different race or nationality for your character. 

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