emo MER Manifests and the Padstow disaster

2 years 8 months ago #1006

Blight, Einar, Livia, George, and Aaron (I apologize if I remembered any of your names incorrectly, it’s been a little while),

I asked after the manifest of disposables to Padstow and received a mixed answer. Essentially, someone of my position doesn’t have the authority to view those documents after-the-fact. Management WAS willing to entertain an idea though - If I attain a position that DOES have the authority, I can collect the manifests right away. And in an unexpected show of faith, management agreed to the promotion (In writing!) if I am able to see to the completion of a few tasks in a timely fashion. I think they agreed the way they did because they didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish what they’ve set forward in the time they defined…

But they didn’t know I know you. For the best chance at discovering what happened to Padstow, we need access to the manifests. And for that, if you are inclined to agree, I have some tasks for us.


Reginald MacCavoy —
Personnel and Recruitment
Manufactured Environmental Reclamation

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2 years 8 months ago #1007

Hey Reggie,

Sounds like a good a start as any, provided the...tasks they want aren't too unsavory.
Also...keep your head on a swivel. Corporations aren't known for 'shows of faith' unless they are planning something.


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