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3 years 7 months ago #888

Jack sat in his camp that was not much outside of Riverside. He watched the nightlife of the tavern. People dancing and singing. The smell of mead was in the air. Oh how he wished for one swig of the liquid that made him forget the past.
He remembered the look on his comrades face as he laid exhausted after being possessed. He heard the spirit whisper. "For one who hates drinking, you talk a lot about it." or something like that.
Jack's hand started shaking. The need was arising again.
Jack shook his head and poured water into his favorite drinking mug.
As he took a sip, memories of the orphanage started flooding in. Of how the headmistress treated him. Physically, he was never hurt. Emotionally, he was scarred.
Jack stood up. He knew that the road to being clean of this demon was going to be a long one. But like when he smuggled himself onto the first ship when he left Etria, he knew it would be worth it.

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3 years 6 months ago #959

(After last post in Fireside Contemplation)

Jack, who was still drunk from mead cause of what Ellora said to him, walked into his camp. The place was messy cause he was looking for his mead stash.The fire pit had a fire that was low in flames.
He saw the last of a bottle at the entrance of his tent.
"Ohhh what have we here?" Jack stumbled towards the bottle. As he did, his drowsiness and drunkenness got the better of him and he tripped, his left hand going straight into the fire!

Jack being very drunk didn't notice his hand was being burn. He laughed, pushing himself up, finally taking his hand out of the fire. The newly formed burns made it different to open or move his hand. He shrugged. "Stupid hand." He said as he grabbed the bottle and drank from it.

He woke up next to the fire pit covered in soot. His head was pounding from his drinking last night.

He went to rub his head to try to get rid of his hangover. But his left hand wouldn't respond.

He looked down at it to see his hand covered in burns and small embers on it.

He quickly brushed off the embers. His hand was ruined. He had to fix it if he ever wanted to join Captain Leon's crew on the airship. Also to ever fight normal again. Or be normal again.

He ran into Riverside as fast as he could. He grabbed a random man exiting the tavern.
"Where's a healer?!"
The man pointed to a direction. Jack dropped the man and ran in that direction.

All the healers told him there was nothing they could do. But when he was about to lose hope, he came to an old shop.

He entered, not knowing what to expect.


"Yes how may I help you?"

Jack saw an old woman walk into the room. She looked pretty ancient. Probably as old as the reformation itself.

"Please miss can you help me? I can't use my hand! It's imperative I get it working again!"

"Yes of course. Let me look." Jack extended his damaged hand to him. She examined it for a minute.

"Ahh should be an easy fix!" She walked to the counter, pull a ring out of the drawer, chanted some spell at it and brought it to him.

"Here, put it on." She said. Jack quickly put the ring on his left ring finger.

He was able to move his hand. Jack let out a sigh of relief. The burns were still there though.

"Thank you! How can I repay you?"

"I will call for you when I am in need of a favor."

Jack exited the shop and headed for the tailor to buy a glove for his damaged hand. As he did, a thought crossed his mind.

What if this was the spirits doing? She possessed him and read his thoughts. Was she to blame? Was she punishing him for going back on his word to stop drinking?

All he knew was the inner demons in him cause this to happen. Now he knew that the mead was behind him. He needed to learn how to cope with this new obstacle that was placed before him.

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3 years 3 months ago #967

(After the August Event, During the September Event)
Jack stared at the stars as he questioned his little misadventure with the male Wyvern. He of course knew what bits belonged to what gender, but he almost died trying to get those. The first was by the hand, or tail, of the Wyvern. The second because of the complete humiliation he felt as the town laughed as his failure.
Jack decided it was time to visit his new workplace. The Airship. He had volunteered to go with Null, but never went. Jack packed his things and walked in the direction of the where Leon said the ship was.
He fortunately got there safely. He marveled at the way it was built. He had never seen anything like it. Months of traveling after leaving Captain Stacy, He finally had met his goal. He found Captain Leon and joined his crew. It was quite the feat.
As he boarded the ship, he saw a man with Karasat Mage robes on. He was pointing at Jack, saying "Picnic." over and over. Jack just shrugged and continued onto the ship.
After he had explained to one the the crew who he was, the crew member show him to his quarters, Jack set his belongings to the side. He heard a clank. His old mead mug cluttered and rolled to a stop on the floor. Jack stared at it with temptation. If there was a better time to drink, it would be now. The nubbing feeling he felt. The cloaking of his past and now present mistakes.
Jack shook his head. "No. I've got a job to do. But I'm sure this crews got some mead that they could share."
He put his hat on, Took off his first mates coat, and got to work, with his mind hoping that mead would be in his future.

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2 years 10 months ago #970

Jack took a deep breath and boarded the Airship. His Airship. The crew saluted him as he boarded the ship. He smiled and walked to the upper deck. He looked over his crew.
"We will miss Captain Lèon. He was a great man and leader. But we must stay strong. I promise to do the best that I can to take his place. Let things stay the same, and keep up the good work. Dismissed."
The crew cheered and shuffled off to their duties. Jack turned around and opened the door to his new quarters. He walked in and looked around. It was a humble looking place. It would have to do.
He knew what he should do next. He sat down and wrote a letter to his mentor, Captain Stacy. He told him the good news and caught him up on what was new. He then raised the letter up.
"You have a letter?"
Jack jumped as he looked to see the Harbringer behind him.
"Yes. It's to Captain Reginald Stacy."
The Harbringer grabbed the letter and walked out the door.
"Ahh That creepy mother fucker."
He then took his new dagger out and studied it. He rubbed his thumb across the skull.
Just then darkness overtook his sight. He saw a strange man in a hood with red eyes. The man pointed to him.
Then his vision cleared and he was back in his quarters. He heard a word whispered.

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2 years 9 months ago #973

Jack walked into his quarters. He was emotionally drained. He yelled and threw his hanger at the door. Then dropped to his knees in despair as the once buried memory resurfaced.

Jack watched the other children play. His stomach growled from hunger. But his punishment for stealing was over. He was allowed a simple orange. Jack was going to peel it and eat it.
Just then, the orange was stached out of his had. He looked up to see Lily, his bully.
"Give it back, Lily, its mine."
"It's mine now." She said as she took a bite.
"I'm going to tell the headmistress!" Jack said as he went to tell.
Lily tripped him, skinning his knee. "No, you won't. Because no one cares about you. No one ever will. No one is going to adopt you."
"Then I'll run away. Take to the seas. Someday become a captain." Jack said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.
"You are no one." Lily said as she walked away, leaving Jack to cry.

Jack scrabbled to his personal emergency stash of mead, trying to re bury the memory. He took a swig. The alcohol tasted really bitter. He spit it back out.

No, brother. You must not. You need to stay strong. Fight it!!!

"NO!!!! WHO ARE YOU!!!!!"

He threw the bottle across the room. And he climbed into his bed, hoping the voice would stop and the memory would fade.

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2 years 9 months ago #977

A loud knock comes on Jack's door, and a voice from the other side says, "Jack? Are you alright?" Though with Tavian's voice, it has none of his characteristic accent.

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