Prior to The Pull, the Elves of the world were famously long lived. Over their time, they became the top scholars, the world's best diplomats, and leaders of nearly every faction, if only because they were so long lived that they simply had time. When magic disappeared, the elves suffered the worst of it, newborn children aging faster than their parents. Their population and race nearly went extinct as mothers and fathers watched their children die of old age when they were still in their youth. A serious effort to keep their race alive created a population boom though the race was changed forever. The old elves didn't consider the new to be of their race, and dubbed this new race of elves 'Nethedhel', meaning young elves.

The Nethedhel are now of two minds. There are those that cling to the past, desperately trying to gain their long lives back. A few still devote their lives to the task, but no success has come in the generations since The Pull. Their recent efforts have influenced many new laws involving what constitutes ‘legal experimentation’. Many more of the Nethedhel have accepted their fate and are trying to make a name for themselves. They are largely a cautious race, hyper aware of their lives and dangers that could end them even sooner.

If you'd like to play a Nethedhel, there is only one requirement. Pointy ears. Your Nethedhel may be one of dozens of siblings, raised to respect their life and carry on the legacy, or they may be a daredevil, rejecting their society's notion that their life is precious. Or, they may be experimenting with the new materials made available with the expansion west, once again picking up the research of long life. Nethedhel have much to gain from moving west for there is potential to live forever in the stories being told.


As the world got smaller with technology and inclusiveness, many races became so intermixed that there was nothing distinguished between them. Today, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and many others are simply called Humanoids. There are often cultural differences to someone raised with dwarvish grandparents as opposed to halfling ones and many humanoids are proud of their heritage claiming 'I am nearly 50% dwarf', often explaining some of their behaviors are because of their gnomish ancestors, or their wacky human great grandmother. Now, however, it is incredibly uncommon to meet someone who is not at least part human, part dwarf, part halfling, and part gnome.

Humanoids are by far the most common race out east. They have come into their own in a world of technology. They can claim the current president, the two leaders of the railroad industry, and many others. Not all of their influence is good, however, as the most infamous outlaw is a humanoid and nearly every gang can boast humanoids among their members.

If you'd like to play a humanoid, there are no special costuming requirements. If you'd like to highlight part of your character's heritage, you may do so, but it is not required. For example, your character that is 50% dwarf may braid intricately braid their beard 'how grandma taught me' or your character that is 37% halfling may insist that their porridge recipe is the best ever, 'passed on from halfling royalty'. However, this is all fluff. There are no dwarves, halfings, humans or gnomes anymore. Only humanoids remain.


During the war with Panavor, a People came out of the west into society. These were People that had not yet made their way east and had been living in the dangerous west, instead living in clans, shamanic in nature. The races in the cities opened their gates when the Renlins did travel east, graciously accepting the Renlins, as they had been displaced by the war with Panavor and their lands becoming even more dangerous. Many agree that the generals, soldiers, and mages trained by the Renlins ultimately won the war against Panavor. During the aftermath, without magic to keep themselves safe from the monsters in the west, they accepted it was time for them to join the United Federation and become part of the People.

Renlins have been part of the people for a hundred and fifty years, but they seemed to itch to return to the wildlands. With the safety and accessibility that guns and railroads provided, they were the largest driving force west. Many seem to be searching for something, but none know what it is.

All Renlins have horns on their heads. They grow larger as the Renlin ages. Keep this in mind as you design your character. Some Renlin will add onto their horns to make themselves seem more distinguished and some will shave their horns to make themselves appear younger, but it is generally a good way of gauging age. In addition to the horns, each Renlin has at least one other 'monstrous' trait. Get creative here! Some have tails, vestigial wings, fangs or tusks, scales or fur, or gills. This monstrous trait can really be anything as long as it is not one of the required characteristics of one of the other races.


The youngest of the races, the Djain are the result of the strain magic put on the world when it retreated into crystals within stone. Places of extreme elemental power, like volcanoes, waterfalls, tornadoes and mountain tops popped. These continued to exist, but lacked the magic of old, having solidified into a new race that named themselves Djain. They were originally treated with extreme brutality as the mages of old attempted to gain the magic back from them. However, a coalition led by the Nethedhel named them a part of the People 20 years after the Djain's first children were born.

Djain children are not born like the other races, but, rather, Djain choose to create a life together and release part of their energies into the world where they combine and form into a child that appears to be around 5 years of age. This child has a small amount of memories from either parent. Many find that heading west helps them find themselves and forget the pain and brutality that the first Djain suffered, as even the newborn children can have those memories. Out west, new sights and experiences become the focus. Other Djain feel like the cities that were built before their race was born have never been home, pushing west to claim a new land for themselves. 

Djain are extreme in their emotions, feeling everything strongly. They view it as their duty to any future children to experience as much of life as possible, the good and the bad, so that their children will be ready for this crazy new world. Luckily, they are a hearty people, and tough to take down in a fair fight, so they tend to stick around. 

To play a Djain, you must first pick which element your Djain was born from. The first Djain were born of powerful elemental forces, but ever since, the element of the Djain has seemed random. Each Djain has coloring on their skin, hair and nails specific to their element. Earth Djain appear grey and green, water Djain appear deep blue and purple, fire djain appear orange and red, and air djain appear in whites and pastels. At a minimum, your skin must be obviously tinted these colors at 20 feet distance. We recommend colored hairspray and colored contouring.


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