A great deal of success is a matter of managing expectations. Let us set some: expectations of players new and old, players both fresh and experienced.

The game runners love to make choices matter. While there are planned events that play parts in larger story arcs, the decisions made by the players within one session will always affect the next – though not always in the way expected. Nor will the choices posed (or found, by those who are investigative or stubborn enough) be simple; characters will face antagonists whose motives are rarely ‘evil for the sake of evil’, antagonists who are identifiable and convincing.

To complete that goal, Rexerit will be treated as a living, reactive campaign. Actions made by the characters will cause reactions in the world around. The characters who help shape the game world will find themselves frequently in danger, a danger which the game runners will strive to invoke legitimately. The culmination of powerful story arcs may lead to some characters who find themselves in over their head may, unable to fight another day with victory far from reach. The threats being real, tangible, and looming will make claiming victory and surviving against overwhelming odds all the more sweet.

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