Aeternum [coin] - The rarest of all metals on Rexerit appearing red with a pearlescent sheen. An aeternum coin, rarely seen by the common person, is worth 10 platinum/100 gold/1000 silver/10000 copper.

A.R. [term] - Term used for dates. Short for "after reformation." 

Copper [coin] - The base of all currency on Rexerit. Once a common component of rituals, copper coins became scarce during the Empire's War. After the war coins were re-minted to be copper plated and thus are no longer magically useful.  One copper will buy a pint in most taverns.  

Demigod [diety] - One of eight deities that are believed to have caused the Reformation. Several are believed to still be present on the planet. 

Empire's War [event] - The largest and longest war on Rexerit since the Reformation. Beginning in 54 A.R. and ending with the surrender of the Blood Calculator Empire and the Ex Durian Empire in 62 A.R.  

Judge [creature] - Supernatural creatures that enact the laws of the land as set by the previous Emperors. How the land recognizes an Emperor and allows them to set laws is still unknown. 

Gold [coin] - Common currency on Rexerit worth 10 silver/100 copper.

Golden Empress [person] - The last Empress of the Blood Calculator Empire. No Emperor has been found to succeed her after she abdicated her throne in 5 A.R. 

Memorist [title] - A person who is able to recall, by magical means, events as a person remembered them and every event they have experienced themselves. There are only a handful known in the world and their identities are kept secret. They are employed by governments to keep records. They have only become known within the past fifteen years. 

Messenger [title] - A person hired to relay a message from one location to another. For long distance messages most will utilize the Lujan or Shoz'zai networks of messengers, however both of these have been met with suspicion since records started changing. 

Physical Year/Age [term] - Refers to the physical age of a person, especially those who have suffered from Vicis aging. 

Platinum [coin] - Uncommon currency on Rexerit worth 10 gold/100 silver/1000 copper.

Ra'tsi [creature] - Mythological race of shape-shifters believed to be able to take the form of any living being. A common superstitious belief involves asking someone if they are a Ra'tsi three times in a row, followed by an answer of "no" each time, to disprove that someone is a shape-shifter. 

Red Tide [term] - A group of Ver'er, frequently in the hundreds, that appear to seek the destruction of whatever civilization lies in their path. Observed from a distance, it appears as if a red sea were flooding whatever village or town stood in its way. The frequency of tides reached its height during the Empire's War, and has declined dramatically since then. They are now rarely seen.

Reformation [event] - The Reformation is considered the beginning of the current world. Beliefs of what caused it and what forces were involved vary from region to region. The reformation marks the beginning of year 0. 

Silver [coin] - Common currency on Rexerit worth 10 copper.

Soldani [creature] - A race of humanoids rumored by the Delphi to have been exiled to the bottom of the ocean by the Gods.

Souled [title] - A word used to describe sentient creatures, frequently humanoid, on Rexerit.

True Year/Age [term] - Refers to the actual age of a person, such as the years since they were born. 

Ver'er [creature] - Monstrous red beasts of varying size. The smallest tend to be the size of an average male and the largest is rumored to have reached the size of a mountain. They leave no remains, only dust, if killed.

Vicis [geography] - Invisible fields that appeared across the world after the Reformation. Any living creature that enters a vicis ages rapidly while remaining in it. The width and length of vicis vary. Some are no wider than a few feet while others span for miles. They can exist over land or sea.

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