Short recaps for the events that have taken place in the Rexerit campaign. 

A group of adventurers first met each other in Wakefield, a small town of Kerasat a few dozen miles away from the grand university. They convened due to a job posting by a researcher who was developing a ritual to allow Vicis travel. While fulfilling that job they learned of two things. The first was a heavy-impact legal trial that was on going in Kerasat related to professors of the university who were allegedly performing life-ending experiments on kidnapped people from the surrounding countryside. The second issue concerned a growing problem involving a battle that took place on the surrounding soil decades ago - one of the mercenary troupes killed protecting Kerasat during a Red Tide had begun to raise from their slaughter, seeking death for everyone who lived in the region.

After fulfilling the request of the researcher, the group took on odd jobs here and there while they learned about the surrounding area they had found themselves in. They saved the life of an elderly gentleman suffering heavily from Alzheimers, they trained a bullied businessman in combat to put a terrible dirty-guard bully in his place, and they tracked down (and accidentally exacerbated) the source of risen undead mercenary troupe.

The source was uniquely crafted wraith-like creatures, designed to devour and dispose of incomplete magical research objects. These creatures were left untended when their creator and master was killed during the Empire's War. Despite successful efforts to corral and destroy the devourers, the region surrounding Wakefield would likely feel the fallout of the untended creatures for a long time to come. 

Though the undead were able to be laid to rest, winter approached and attempts to light fires or glean warmth throughout Wakefield failed. Not even the smallest candle would last longer than the briefest of instant. The adventurers eventually located a fire elemental - yet another creature affected by the devourers' freedom - which upon being slain ceased pulling the region's warmth into itself. But even before they could return to spread the good news, a number of citizens of Wakefield began to spew black ichor from their mouths, serving as a precursor to a crazed attack on anyone nearby. Once subdued, the persons emitted a colored cloud that sped away from the town, only to return again having wearing another poor soul's body. A summoning ritual gone awry allowed malignant entities from another space into Wakefield's farmland. And as no good deed goes unpunished, in the wake of entities' banishment, one of the adventurers was put on trial for killing townsfolk, however possessed they were. Although the trial was ultimately thrown out, left a lasting impression on the adventurers. 

As the newcomers' names were becoming more well known throughout Wakefield and its surrounding lands, the adventurers unwittingly stepped into a dangerous plot of an unknown figure in Kerasat's underground politics. The mayor, one of their strongest allies to this point, was murdered. At the same time one employees of the Captain's ship were attacked in force. The town's guard were ineffectual in dealing with the repeated disasters and were unable to offer much assistance to aid in the town's safety.

Rather than stay and expose themselves to more danger, the adventurers finished up their dealings in the region and promptly fled north toward a country in which it is easy enough to lay low, Shoz'zai. The nation has history of being welcoming to all sort, promoting diversity through trade social connections. Shoz'zai would serve to allow the adventurers a safe location to assess their time in Kerasat and give them time to decide where and how to proceed.

Summary coming soon!

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