Raven LARP Armor

At it's most basic explanation, Rexerit is a high fantasy LARP setting that frequently focuses on both politics and combat. However, unlike most high fantasy settings, there are no elves or orcs. The majority of societies are human (though certainly not all) or slight variations of what we would call human. And there is no one time period that is used as the inspiration for Rexerit.

With inspiration drawn from pre-medieval societies to the Victorians, there is a wide variety of socio-political beliefs across the world. The Duuntay'un are a very primitive society who have never trusted the written word. Kerasat is renowned for its universities and research advancements in magic. The Tinkers use clockwork technology to enhance themselves and recover from injuries.

Information doesn't always travel the world reliably. Within the past two decades, writings have become unreliable due to what appears to be a supernatural force tampering with them. Even with high levels of technology available, many are hesitant to accept it due to its foreign nature. Others, such as the Luja, are unwilling to share their knowledge. And to make travel even more difficult there are the Vicis: giant invisible fields that spread out over the world like veins and age any organic matter that crosses through them, often to the point of death. 

All of these elements come together to create an innovative and unique LARP setting that has been run in the Salt Lake City, Utah area since 2012. The current state of the setting today is the direct result of the actions of the players and characters who participated in the previous Rexerit: Prequel, and Rexerit: Origins games. 

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