Annual Membership

The annual membership to Utah LARP is $20. All participants (both PCs and NPCs) at events are required to be current on their annual memberships. This fee covers insurance, general costume and weapon maintenance, and website hosting costs.


Event Fees

Event fees covers a player's admission to an event. NPCs play for free! These fees are used to pay for location reservations, props, costumes, and other general costs.

  • Weekend Events 
  • Half Day/RP Only Events
  • Game Days
  • Combat Practice 
    • Free!


Costume Rental

Costume and weapon rentals are available to new players for $10. This will provide a new player with a basic costume and weapon for an event. (NPCs do not need to rent costumes, they will be provided at no cost.) Costumes must be returned at the end of the event or the player will be changed for the full replacement cost. 

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